Mission and Vision

The Forum of Bible Agencies International is a network of 40 leading international Bible Agencies and other mission organizations with a shared vision: “working together to maximize the worldwide access and impact of God’s Word.”

The Forum was founded in 1990 on the belief that collaboration and cooperation would significantly increase the scope, pace and effectiveness of accomplishing this vision.

As an alliance of Bible agencies, the Forum aims to:

  • Strengthen inter‐agency understanding and inter-personal relationships
  • Encourage a collaborative culture to avoid duplication in ministry
  • Foster the professional excellence of its members through exchange of emerging and best practices
  • Explore issues of common concern that stimulate thinking and identify trends

To do this, the Forum focuses on four domains of international Bible ministry that have marked the historical efforts of the Forum’s membership:

  • The availability of Scripture for people through translation
  • Engagement with Scripture by people as an outcome of accessibility
  • Advocacy that helps to make Scripture relevant and credible in people's lives
  • Innovations that render Scripture more meaningful to people wherever they are