Translation Standards

The Forum has adopted standards on basic procedures and principles for Bible translation and qualifications on translation consultants. These standards enable cooperation and collaboration among agencies. Members are considering developing standards in other areas, such as guidelines for collaborating in translation projects, collaboration with churches (providing best practices on engaging with churches locally, nationally and missionally in Bible translation); standards in audio and video presentations; Deaf translations; and, the place of storying and orality.


  • FOBAI Translation Basic Principles and Procedures 2017

  • FOBAI Translation Consultant Qualifications


  • FOBAI Principes et procédures de base de la traduction de la Bible 2017

  • FOBAI Déclaration sur les qualifications des conseillers en traduction


  • 圣经翻译的基本原则和流程20190221编辑定稿