Annual Meeting 2022

The Gospel, Globalization and People on the Move

Two years later than planned we look forward to welcoming you to the Annual Meeting of the Forum of Bible Agencies International in Athens!

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Our Theme

Our theme directly references the landmarks and moments when the Scriptures of the Greek New Testament were born. This world - in which the Gospel was first proclaimed and flourished - was a borderless Greco-Roman realm of the Mediterranean; a world marked by Roman administration and infrastructure, and Greek thought, language and culture.

It is in this 1st century globalised context that the Apostle Paul engages the cultures of the time with the Gospel. How can the truths of the Gospel be engaged by people today?

In the complex social and religious contexts of the 21st Century, Greece finds itself inextricably involved in the global phenomenon of mass migration. A less observed feature of these ‘people on the move’ is that a significant proportion are Christ followers from minority Christian contexts. As these marginalised Christian communities reach their host countries they revive or plant churches in the towns and cities of northern Europe.

How does Bible inspired mission not only help the Gospel cross borders, but also respond to injustice and bring hope to marginalised minorities like people on the move?

Our theme and the unique context of Athens offers the prospect of reflection and insight into what it means for international Bible ministries to participate in God's mission in the world today.


Despite being the first European territory to become a mission field for the Gospel, Greece never became the focus of Christian pilgrimage and was largely spared the typical icons of Bible lands sites. Consequently, the Greek archaeology of today offers the opportunity to literally see and touch the authentic locations of New Testament events.

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About the Annual Meeting in General

The Annual Meeting is the key event for member CEOs or equivalent. The meeting is open to senior staff of member organizations and specially invited guests, but only with prior agreement of a member organisation's CEO, President or Executive Director.

The meeting normally takes place in April / May convening for one year in the USA and one year outside the USA.

Annual Meetings provide an opportunity for networking and building relationship across different ministries. The theme each year is designed to explore the leading edge of a particular aspect of Bible mission and ministry decided by the membership.

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