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The Annual Meeting in 2022 ...,


Telling the Story to a Multicultural World - Live!

In a globalised, media drenched world - digitally intensified by the COVID Pandemic - the 2021 Annual Meeting explores the creative process for envisioning new ways for people to engage Scripture.

Drawing on Full Sail's expertise in the arts, media, entertainment and technology industries, the Annual Meeting will be an opportunity to learn and reflect on the contemporary means for Telling The Story to a Multicultural World.

Governance Meetings

The Forum CEO and Board meetings take place on Friday 23 April and will be via the Forum's ZOOM platform.

Development Groups

We have set aside Tuesday, 26 April for Development Groups to meet. However, each group will decide its own most appropriate date, time and virtual platform to meet.

If you intend to participate in a Development Group, please indicate which group when you register and you will be contacted by the relevant Development Group committee directly.

So that Deaf attendees can participate in any Development Group we are organising sign-language interpretation for each group.


There is a small registration fee depending on your registration category. Please make sure you select the correct registration type.

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About the Annual Meeting in General

The Annual Meeting is the key event for member CEOs or equivalent. The meeting is open to senior staff of member organizations and specially invited guests, but only with prior agreement of a member organisation's CEO, President or Executive Director.

The meeting normally takes place in April / May convening for one year in the USA and one year outside the USA.

Annual Meetings provide an opportunity for networking and building relationship across different ministries. The theme each year is designed to explore the leading edge of a particular aspect of Bible mission and ministry decided by the membership.