Theme and Program 2024

Meeting People's Scripture Needs Today in Latin America

Our Theme

The theme 'Meeting People's Scripture Needs Today in Latin America' is a wide canvas that encompasses a breadth of missional Bible translation and Scripture engagement agendas. Expect to engage on topics like minority language translation and Scripture use; majority language translation and youth engagement; and, social action and communitarian and multi-modal approaches to Scripture engagement.

Development Groups 9 April

The Translation, Scripture Engagement and Media Development groups will meet at the Sociedade Bíblica do Brasil (SBB) premises in Barueri. The Deaf Development Group will participate in each of the other group meetings. In the course the day, each group with have an opportunity for a guided tour around the SBB's world class Bible printing facility. Transport will be provided from the hotel on Tuesday morning and back to the hotel in the afternoon.

Those not participating in Development Groups will not be able to join the visit to SBB 

The Annual Meeting Program 9 - 11 April

The main program begins on the evening of Tuesday, 9 April with dinner and finishes after dinner on Thursday, 11 April.

Alongside plenary presentations, there will be opportunity to explore in dialogue and reflection together on Scripture needs in Latin America through the 'culture of the table' (Mesa).

Engaging with Bible ministry leaders from the region, the aim is to create a polyphonic 'Third Space' where we hear from Spanish, Portuguese and English voices, plus the customary sign-languages, around our tables.

Information about plenary speakers and will be added on this page in the weeks to come. You can download the latest program with timings here:
Program Annual Meeting 2024 (27 Mar).

There will be an optional opportunity to visit the SBB Museu da Bíblia on Thursday afternoon.

Meeting People's Scripture Needs in Latin America Today

Erní is the Executive Director of the Bible Society of Brazil. He also serves as the Vice-Chair of the United Bible Societies Board.

Erní holds a doctorate in Religious Sciences from the Methodist University of São Bernado do Campo, Brazil. He is a Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil, and was awarded Doctor of Laws from Concordia Seminary in Missouri, USA by the Lutheran Church in 2022.  

'Introduction to the principles and practice of the ‘culture of the table’'


David is based in Bogotá, Colombia where he serves as the Americas Area Director of Wycliffe Global Alliance. 

David hold a D.Min from New York Theological Seminary, and a Masters in Theological Studies from FATELA Theological Seminary. He is currently Missions Pastor at the Vida en Accion Church in Bogotá and served as President of COMIBAM from 2015-2021.

David has passion to be involved in influencing, catalyzing and leading Bible translation and Great Commission efforts among ethnic linguistic communities. His ministry is focused around building friendships and facilitating reflection, strategic dialogues, third spaces, round tables and radical collaboration among local and regional mission organizations and churches.

David is married to Marlene Guevara and they have two young children.


Mark is chairman and CEO of Mundo Cristão, a leading non-denominational Christian book publishing house in Brazil specializing in Bibles and non-fiction books. Mundo Cristão aims to develop local authors, and distribute through both religious and general marketing channels.

Under Mark's direction, Mundo Cristão created a new Bible translation, the Nova Versão Transformadora (NVT), one of Brazil’s most popular versions.

Mark was formerly an editor at Tyndale House in the USA and the founding president of the Brazilian Association of Christian Publishers. He also served as Board chair on the international board of Media Associates International in Wheaton, IL. As a writer, editor and publisher, Mark has led numerous international training sessions focusing on leadership, writing, and the editorial process.

Mark has a BA from Bethel University, Indiana and an MA in letras modernas from the Universidade de São Paulo.

 Mark and his wife Laurie live in São Paulo.

‘Church based translation: Case study and challenges’

Victor is founder of LETRA Paraguay, where he served as Director from 2001-2022, and of LETRA Publishing House. Now, he serves as LETRA Board President.

Victor was a church pastor for 17 years becoming coordinator-facilitator of 3 Bible translation projects in Paraguay including the printing of the 3 New Testaments between 2005-2021.

He remains a Bible translation consultant for languages of Paraguay, Mexico, Colombia and Peru and since 2020 has been Consulting Coordinator for the Americas for The Seed Company.

Victor has a doctorate in theology and completed studies in linguistics and translation at the University of North Dakota, United States. He formed the  Biblical Exegetes of the Americas group, which brings together seminary professors who collaborate exegetically with translation projects in various countries.

Victor is married to Cristina Flores, and together they have two daughters, Rocío and Jazmín.

Church based translation

WIlmer is an Assemblies of God Pastor working in Old and New Testament translation in the Quechua languages of Andean Peru.

Wilmer is Director of Jesucristupa Alli Willacuyninta Cushisha Apagcuna (JAWCA) - The Joyful Bearers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in English, since 2009. WIlmer manages the project work that has been overseen by SIL and Wycliffe, and The Seed Company and Global Partners contribute to the funding.

However, the intention of Wilmer and his team has been to engage the local churches in funding translators, as well as providing work space and workshops, and food.

Wilmer and JACWA, have been responsible for Scripture engagement initiatives in 12 Quechua languages, where they worked on translations, that have impacted hundreds of churches and thousands of believers through their activities.

Wilmer is married to Marcelina and they have four children.

Meeting Deaf Scripture needs

The Bible as a means of including disabled people

Emilene has served at SBB for 22 years developing initiatives aimed at the inclusion of minorities, particularly among the blind through the Bible in Braille, and raising funds for the translation of the Bible into sign language

Emilene is a trained Social Worker, with a Master’s degree in Social Service and postgraduate degree in Social Project Management and Public Policies.

Commitment to Scripture and Social Justice among Young People

Orlando founded Scripture Union Honduras 31 years ago and remains the Executive Director today. In that time he coordinated Scripture Union work across Central America.

Orlando is widely experienced in youth ministry development and leadership. He trains Sunday School teachers in a range of topics from Integral Mission to leadership development; from how to study the Bible to project management.

Previously, Orlando was the Founder and Pastor of the Evangelical Christian Church, Las Talitas Commune, Tucumán, Argentina and was subsequently the Pastor of the Evangelical Room of Siguatepeque, Honduras.

He has been President of Red Viva, Director of Letra Viva, Director of Red del Camino and President of CONSEDE (Council of Evangelical Development Institutions).

Engaging the Youth with Scripture

Hélder serves as the Global Director of Youth & Young Adult Initiatives for Community Bible Study. 

Hélder has a doctorate in preaching from the Talbot School of Theology in the USA; a master's degree in biblical interpretation from the London School of Theology in the UK; and, two other degrees from Brazilian institutions.

He was the co-founding pastor of C29 Granada Church, in Spain, and is the author of “Expand: Preaching to Both Christians and Non-Christians from the Same Sermon”  published in 2023 and available in Spanish and Portuguese. Hélder is an international speaker in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Brazilian by birth, Hélder has lived in Mexico, England, Scotland, Spain and the USA. He also holds Italian nationality. Hélder is married to Ana and together they have four children. You can find out more about his ministry on his website: 

Devotions: Oral Bible Engagement in Latin America


Kimm has served as Executive Director of Community Bible Study since 2013.

Kimm has a Doctorate in the field of Audiology from the University of Florida. In 2004, while completing her doctoral degree, Kimm began attending a Community Bible Study class experiencing the reality that the Word of God is alive and active; that God speaks clearly through Scripture; and, that the Bible and CBS was a way to get to know Jesus more intimately.

From 2006, Kimm served in various roles within her local CBS group including core leader and Teaching Director.  She also served as the National Prayer Chairman for USA Ethnos.

Kimm is married to Steve and they have a son, Ben.

Orality as a Natural Bridge to the Scriptures

Andres is an Anglican Missionary and Priest from Chile and currently serves as the Regional Director of Faith Comes by Hearing for South America and Cuba where he is also responsible for Strategic Digital Initiatives.

Born into a traditional Catholic context, Andres came to faith through reading the Bible and contact with a Wycliffe missionary who served among the Mapuche people.

Andres and his wife Stella served as missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators for several years, later joining with Faith Comes By Hearing to support the work of providing access to Scripture in audio and video in as many languages ​​as possible.

Andres is Regional Director of the New Anglican Missionary Society (NAMS), sits on the Board of the Chilean Bible Society, is a member of SIM in Chile. He is a Langham Preaching Facilitator and Coordinator of Lausanne in Chile .

Andres graduated in History at the University, and continued with studies in Anthropology. He has taught in various Academic Institutes and Seminaries in Latin America.

Andres lives in the south of Chile with his wife Stella and their 4 children.

Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil - April 20 2023: People holding hands wearing traditional colorful bracelets of indigenous peoples.

Understanding Mesa and Third Spaces

The concept of Mesa (Spanish for 'table') has been developed in Latin America by Wycliffe Global Alliance and used in 13 Latin American countries since 2018. Focussed entirely on the translation, use and impact of Scripture the Mesas have engaged 180 leaders from 150 agencies and churches. The short video on the right gives a flavor of the Mesa in Colombia.

Third Spaces

As well as being the table around which people engage in discussion, Mesa is also used as an acronym in Spanish (Misión, Estructura, Salud y Acción) to  describe the methodology for creating a Third Space where trusting, relational and friendly dialogue happens.

To understand Third Space as a Godly space you can download a chapter from Dr Kirk Franklin's book Toward Global Missional Leadership (2017) in English, Spanish and Portuguese by clicking the links below :

Kirk Franklin is former Executive Director of Wycliffe Global Alliance.

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