Theme and Program 2022

Discovering the Bible's Voice in the Public Square

The Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting begins at 6pm with dinner on the evening of Tuesday 26 April and runs through to dinner on Wednesday, 27 April. The CEO and Board meetings continue on Thursday, 28 April.

The schedule includes plenary presentations and group discussions as well as a visit to the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center; and, there will be times for informal networking.

You can view or download the full Annual Meeting program overview here.

The Theme

The Annual Meeting program is themed around Bible advocacy in a diverse and pluralistic world. With the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center's setting in the Philadelphia cityscape as the backdrop, the program explores how the voice of the Bible can find expression in the public square; and, what it means to advocate for the Bible in any context where that voice lacks credibility and meaning to people.

Development Group Day

Ahead of the official start of the Annual Meeting, the development groups meet from 9.00am on Tuesday 26 April. Annual Meeting participants need to sign up for the development group of their choice when registering online.

Please note that this year the Deaf Development Group are joining the other three groups on the Tuesday, 26 April.

If you are new to Development Groups you can find out more about each of them here.

Our keynote speakers

Rev. Enid M. Almanzar is the Director of Global Access Partnerships at American Bible Society, where she provides strategic oversight to programs aimed at removing barriers to Bible access in over 150 nations. This includes providing people’s first Bible in the most difficult to reach areas of the globe.

She has also served as part of the Latino Advisory Board at Bread for the World and was a key contributor to the groundbreaking breaking research study with the Barna Group, Hispanic America: Faith, Values and Priorities.

Rev. Almanzar is an Elder and Associate Pastor at Primitive Christian Church in NYC, where she oversees the ministry’s civic engagement and next-generation portfolios. She joined the Executive Board for the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) in 2016 and in 2018 was honored with NaLEC’s Emerging Leader Award for her advocacy work in the Hispanic community. 

She provides capacity building and technical assistance to ministry leaders working with at-risk populations around the country. In 2021, she was appointed to the Ad Council’s Healthy and Whole Vaccine Awareness Steering Committee, a team of national faith leaders working to establish best practices related to COVID-19 vaccine education within African American and Latino communities.

Enid is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Business’ Institute for Nonprofit Management; as well as New School University’s Institute for Faith-Based Community Building; and is an alumnus of the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative.

She lives in the greater NYC area with her husband, Samuel, and her two children, Samuel II and Isabella Raquel.

John Walter is Executive Director Innovation at ABS where he looks after key initiatives and innovations focused on human flourishing. He brings experience in launching global campaigns, framing causes, managing financial and program partnerships, and building an international program design, monitoring and evaluation services.

At ABS John helped form a new enterprise to address trauma in conflict zones; this work is now present in more than 100 languages and countries and dozens of contexts. 

In 2013 John left American Bible Society to serve as President, African Leadership in Nashville, resetting and focusing this organization to serve its core network of 50,000 African pastors and community leaders. He returned to ABS in 2017.

He earned an MBA from the Cox School at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He and his wife Pam live in Philadelphia have four adult children.

John serves as Director of Ministry Intelligence at American Bible Society and is the editor-in-chief of the State of the Bible 2022 ebook.

Over 32 years of full-time ministry, John has served as a pastor, missionary, professor, and researcher.

He bridges the worlds of social science, business intelligence, and spiritual formation, helping Christian leaders understand how people grow in Christ.

He is an ordained minister with a doctorate in intercultural studies. He lives with his family in Wilmington, Delaware.


Liberty Gallery

Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center was opened to the public in May 2021. You can view the introductory video by clicking on the link on the right / below.

The Center offers a multi-sensory, immersive experience focussed on the storied history of real people within an overall narrative arc from past to present. It was designed in anticipation that a significant proportion of visitors would be from outside the USA.

There’s a fascinating intersection of religion, politics, and law in the founding of America. The Bible is woven into the fabric of the American experience. You have to know something about the Bible to understand America. From early colonies that were founded as Bible commonwealths to our nation’s first laws, the Bible provided the basic building blocks of American civic life.” - Dr. Daniel Dreisbach, Professor, Department of Justice, Law and Criminology, American University, Washington DC