Venue, Accommodation and Registration

Discovering the Bible's Voice in the Public Square

Venue: American Bible Society

The Annual Meeting will take place in the ABS headquarters on Independence Mall in the Collaboration Center facility and includes a tour of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center (FLDC) as part of the program.

Development Groups will be held in the ABS offices or FLDC on Tuesday, 26 April.


All the meals set out below will be served in the ABS facilities:

Development Groups

Lunch and refreshment breaks are provided for those participating in Development Group meetings on Tuesday, 26 April.

Annual Meeting

The following are included for everyone participating in the Annual Meeting:

Tuesday, 26 April: afternoon refreshments (from 4pm) and dinner.
Wednesday, 27 April: lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon refreshments.

CEO and Board and Deaf Development Group

For those participating in the CEO or Deaf Development Group meetings on Thursday, 28 April: lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments.


Participants will need to make their own arrangements for breakfasts. There are a number of cafés nearby and the Wyndham Hotel restaurant offers a buffet breakfast for $18 (including taxes & gratuities).

Security Procedures

The American Bible Society offices are located within the Wells Fargo Bank building on Independence Mall. It is a great location but there are security procedures that everyone attending the Annual Meeting needs to follow when entering the building.

All visitors need to be escorted to the ABS offices when arriving at the first floor at all times.

The first time you arrive, you will be given your FOBAI lanyard/name badge. This will be your pass to receive your building security sticker each day. Both must be worn at all times while in the building. Entry to the ABS offices will not be possible without them.

Everyone who has registered for the Annual Meeting will receive a customised email two weeks beforehand with information on time slots for being escorted to the ABS offices.

We request that you plan your day to ensure there is little or no need to leave the building while the various meetings are in session.

Also, as guests of ABS, kindly be respectful that this is an office working environment and refrain from wandering beyond the areas where and when our meetings are scheduled.

First floor entry on the right
First floor entry to the ABS offices (to the right)

Annual Meeting Registration

The registration for the 2022 Annual Meeting is closed.

Wyndham Hotel
Wyndham Hotel