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The “whole Word for the whole world” is the vision of the 4.2.20 Foundation. We are committed to advancing access and engagement with the whole Word of God for every language, culture & people.

4.2.20 is the numeric representation of the letters of the Hebrew word ‘Davar’, which means the ‘Word’. 4,220 also symbolizes the remaining task, with over 4,000 languages still requiring a translation of the Old Testament.


The mission of the 4.2.20 Foundation is carried out through two primary areas:

  • The Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation (IBLT)
  • The Center for Oral Scriptures (COS)

Through the IBLT, we aim to dramatically accelerate the training of Old Testament translators, checkers & consultants in order to reach the goal of beginning Old Testament translations in every language by 2033. This acceleration will increase the supply of full Bibles available for recording and distribution among oral learners.

Through the COS, we equip universities, seminaries, translators, consultants and teachers with knowledge and tools for engaging unreached oral people with whole-Bible worldview and with the whole Word in oral forms.

Biblical Hebrew Training

Our 8-month School of Biblical Hebrew is located in Israel and utilizes language learning best practices as well as the spoken Hebrew linguistic environment to accelerate training in a maximally efficient program. We also run intensive schools in Biblical Hebrew Fluency & Pedagogy, as well as a Biblical Hebrew Beginner Course that can be taught in various locations around the globe. A program is being developed to equip fluent modern Hebrew speakers to become translation consultants.


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