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The “whole Word for the whole world” is the vision of the 4.2.20 Foundation. We are committed to advancing access and engagement with the whole Word of God for every language, culture, and people. 

4.2.20 is the numeric representation of the letters of the Hebrew word ‘Davar’, which means the ‘Word’. 4,220 also symbolizes the remaining task, with over 4,000 languages still requiring a translation of the Old Testament.


The mission of the 4.2.20 Foundation is carried out through the Institute for Biblical Languages and Translation and its Centers for Oral Scriptures and Extension Learning.

Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation

Through the IBLT, we aim to dramatically accelerate the training of Old Testament translators, checkers, and consultants in order to reach the goal of beginning Old Testament translations in every language by 2033. This acceleration will increase the supply of full Bibles available for recording and distribution among oral learners. 

The IBLT utilizes language learning best practices, as well as the spoken Hebrew linguistic environment, to accelerate training in maximally efficient programs. Currently, the IBLT offers:

  • The School of Biblical Hebrew – a one-of-a-kind intensive program in biblical Hebrew that leads to an accredited Graduate Certificate of 48 credits in Hebrew
  • MA in Classical Hebrew – By adding three courses after the 9-month program a student with a BA is eligible to receive an accredited US/International MA degree in Classical Biblical Hebrew.
  • MA in Classical Hebrew and Translation – earn fully accredited MA aimed at Consultant training in 18-24 months. Designed for those working in both oral and textual translation contexts.
  • Intensives – 2-4 week Courses in Biblical Hebrew offered in partnership with translation and academic institutions in venues around the world. Designed to expose participants to the value and relative ease of learning Biblical Hebrew in Hebrew utilizing a TPR methodology, and to develop the level of Hebrew among the local translation workforce. 
  • BA/MA – Biblical Languages and Translation – IBLT is developing accredited BA and MA programs with concentrations possible in OBS and OBT or Biblical Hebrew instruction. We are also in the process of developing source language training for deaf translators. Official announcements of these programs are expected in early summer 2019.

Center for Oral Scriptures

The focus of the COS is to accelerate access, and enhance engagement with the whole Word among oral learners. Benefitting from the tremendous resources of the land, cultural context, and language of the Bible, the Center for Oral Scriptures serves as a vital mission multiplier among oral learners by:

  • Providing educational programs to train a new generation of translators and orality workers to enable Bible access and engagement among oral communities
  • Developing materials and tools to aid oral Bible translation and scripture engagement      
  • Identifying missing links, and creating innovative solutions to enable oral communities to access and engage with the whole Word

Through its publishing arm, Orality Resources Int’l, the COS produces and publishes resources that fuel scripture translation and engagement among oral learners.  


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Richmond, VA 23223