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Bible League International provides God’s Word to a lost and needy world. They strive to end the global Bible Famine among persecuted Christians, Muslims, the poor, and wherever Scripture is hard or impossible to get.

As a non-profit evangelical Christian service organization, Bible League International supplies Bibles worldwide through programs, products and partners, especially the local church, to help people meet Jesus. Since its founding in 1938, Bible League International has placed millions of Bibles in the hands of people in more than 80 countries around the world.

Bible League International produces Easy-to-Read™ Bible translations to help ensure that the first Bible that people receive is one they can easily read and understand. These Scripture products are available in print and digital formats. Through the Akses™ Digital Bible Libraries, apps, online downloads, and print-on-demand options, they go beyond the ordinary frontiers of outreach to sow the seed of the Gospel in some of the most difficult places on earth.

Bible League International offers Project Philip Bible Study training and materials for churches to use for outreach and discipleship. They also provide training to churches so they can equip their members to plant additional churches. Bible-based literacy programs use the Easy-to-Read Bible text to teach literacy and English language reading skills to open spiritual eyes to the Word of God. These literacy training programs and materials help aid churches and organizations as they present the life-transforming Word of God to the poor and marginalized.


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