Bible Translation Fellowship

Associate Member

Bible Translation Fellowship exists to integrate Bible translation with the mission of the church.They aim to serve the church through:

  • Advocacy: they educate pastors, churches, ministry leaders, professors, and administrators at theological schools about integrating Bible translation with the Great Commission and theological education.
  • Recruiting: they aim to persuade godly people to pursue vocations that lead to God’s Word being translated and used in the life and ministry of the local church. They are especially passionate about recruiting churches to: (1) pray and (2) raise up a new generation of translators to serve on church planting teams.
  • Networking: they assist donors, pastors, churches, missionaries, translators, professors, exegetical and translation consultants, ministries, schools, BT agencies, Bible societies, and publishers through the Bible Translation Network. This network facilitates finding, vetting, and partnering with others for the translation, production, distribution, and use of God’s Word in and through local churches. Everyone is welcome to join the BT Network at www.BibleTranslation.Network.
  • Consulting: (1) they advise pastors who want to integrate Bible translation with the missions’ work of their church, and (2) they provide translation consulting services to Bible translation teams.
They pray and labor for the progress and glory of God’s Word in every language where the church needs Scripture (2 Thessalonians 3.1).


2418 O ST
Sacramento, CA 95816