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Biblica, The International Bible Society, is a global ministry that has been helping people engage with God’s Word for almost 210 years. They are committed to bringing the Bible to people in a way they understand, so that they can be transformed by Christ and inspired to join His mission for the world.

Focused on major language Bible translation, Biblica believes that these major, or gateway, languages serve as a means to reach more people with the Word of truth most efficiently, while also serving as source texts for other smaller language community translation projects. Biblica is also the global steward of the New International Version (NIV) Bible, the most read English translation.

After a translation is complete, Biblica endeavors to ensure that those language communities have access to the contemporary text, working exclusively through ministry and church partners to distribute the Bibles in effective ways. Finally, Biblica strives to ensure that the Church is engaging in the Word of God through suitable Bible formats for various ages and types of discipleship and evangelism. These innovative Bible products are used by our partners to help the people that they serve receive the truth deep in their hearts.


Biblica provides the Bible in accurate, contemporary translations and formats, so that more people around the world will have the opportunity to be transformed by Jesus Christ.

Core Strategies

Bible Translation

Biblica translates the Bible for the top major strategic languages to provide contemporary language Bibles, so that people can easily read and understand God’s Word and have their lives transformed by Christ.

Bible Access

Once the Bibles are translated into contemporary texts, Biblica endeavors to maximize availability. Biblica provides access to God’s Word in print, digital, and audio formats, believing that everyone deserves the opportunity to engage with easy-to-understand scripture.

Bible Engagement

Access to a Bible does not guarantee people will engage with the Word. In order to facilitate engagement, Biblica provides programs and Bible formats to help people go deeper in God’s Word and grow closer to God.


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