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Faith Comes By Hearing

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to record and freely provide God’s Word in audio and sign language to make disciples from every nation, tribe, language, and people.

Ministry Description

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) is a non-profit, donor-driven ministry committed to providing the world with free access to the Word of God in the form people are most likely to use.

Founded in 1972, the ministry records complete New Testaments and other Scripture portions voiced by heart-language speakers.  Our work is intended to make God’s Word available to all people in the language they use at home, in their community, and when praying.

Today, millions of people can hear God speak their language.  More than 700,000 Bible listening groups have been started in 150+ countries in over 700 languages, with new groups launching every day.  Most groups use the Proclaimer, a solar-powered audio playback device containing the entire New Testament on an embedded chip.

The potential to reach billions of people is now possible with the Digital Bible Platform, which houses the world’s largest resource of digital Bible content.

This digital outreach provides free access via streaming and free downloads of podcasts from FCBH’s iTunes store or directly from our site.  The platform powers Bible.is, a network of free mobile apps which allows people to listen to, read, and see the Bible on their Apple and Android devices.  In just three years, more than 100 million people – from literally every country on earth – have engaged with God’s Word digitally!

Different types of listening groups now include villages or churches listening to a Proclaimer; home groups gathered around a computer; and individuals listening on their phone – even in the poorest and most sensitive countries around the world.

Faith Comes By Hearing’s goal is to record and provide free access to God’s Word in every translated language, making the fulfillment of the Great Commission a reality in our lifetime!


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