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The vision of the Home has been to support translators and scholars from around the world to deepen their knowledge of the Hebrew Bible while studying in the Land of the Bible.  Since 1995 the Home has hosted over 84 Bible translators and scholars from 28 countries representing 56 languages.  These translators are making it possible for millions native speakers to read the Old Testament in their own language.

The Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators (formerly Home for Bible Translators) through the Hebrew University program in Jerusalem is truly making a difference in the world!

Our primary mission is to serve those who serve in the work of translating the Bible from the original Hebrew into over 6,000 languages in the world that do not yet have the Old Testament. Bible scholars and students who are seeking greater understanding of Old Testament text through study projects in the Land of the Bible or a deeper understanding of the Jewish roots of the New Testament are also served.

The Home, located in Mevasseret Ziyyon, a suburb of Jerusalem, is ideal for this project.  Up to 12 students can reside in four bedrooms that each contain private bathrooms and showers.  Linens, bedding, and meals are provided by volunteers so students can devote full time to their studies.  Personal needs are met through easy access at the Home to wash clothes, fax and phone, and use of a high-speed Internet access connection. The Home offers a quiet setting for study in an international community of serious students and scholars and hosts a small library and computer-assisted study of the Hebrew language and Biblical Hebrew text.

Translators increase their skill in understanding the text in its context as they study the language of the Bible while experiencing for themselves the topography, agriculture, artifacts, and climate of the Land of the Bible. They also internalize vocabulary through experiencing Hebrew as a living language at the Hebrew University, in the streets of Jerusalem, at the Home, and on their study trips throughout the Land.

The involvement of mother-tongue translators increases the stability and economy of translation projects and reduces the burden on the consultants supervising these projects.  Also, after returning to their translation work, HBT alumni have taught the Hebrew of the Bible as well as the history and geography of the Land of the Bible to others in the translation teams.  Thus, the blessing of studying in the Land continues to spread to an even greater worldwide impact.


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