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Spoken Worldwide

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The mission of Spoken Worldwide is to “Deliver Truth…where written words can’t go.” This means finding ways to get the truths of Scripture to the world’s oral learners in their most natural learning patterns.

Spoken’s Oral Pastor Development Programs engage local leaders in oral training that helps them multiply disciples for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. The Spoken Orality Coaching services help existing ministries maximize their impact by including effective oral strategies into their own programs. Spoken is also involved in the emerging field of Oral Bible Translation, seeking to provide the full counsel of God to the non-reading population of the world. A deep conviction that spiritual and physical truth cannot be separated but are interwoven by God’s design means Spoken programs incorporate elements that benefit the entire community wherever they work. Through stories, songs, poetry, proverbs, dance, drama, and translation, Spoken’s efforts focus on enabling those who can’t, won’t, or don’t read to understand and spread the message and hope of God’s love.


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